Easy to read calculator with extra large LCD display, 12 digit display.
General purpose desktop calculator, perfect for home, office or store.
Black panel and white button fashion style, ABS material durable plastic buttons.
Solar and battery dual power works even longer.
High resilience key design convenient input.

12-Digit Solar Battery Basic Calculator,Solar Battery Dual Power with LCD Displa

$7.90 Regular Price
$4.90Sale Price
    1. M-28 calculator is both Solar and Battery powered so that it will work anywhere.
    2. M-28 is also small in dimension, it is generally used holding in hand. M-28 is one of the best handheld basic calculators. This calculator is in the perfect size for holding in hand, not so small, neither too big. It has an extra large display - 12 digits display, so it is easy reading and easy to press buttons.
    3. M-28 calculator not only has all the basic major functions but also has a lot of features.
    4. It has quick tax calculation and easy profit margin calculation features.